quick loan

One of the most common requests of those who need liquidity is to obtain a quick loan within a few days or, in some cases, a few hours. But how to get fast finance?

There are a whole series of precautions to take into consideration, provided that we have the characteristics of financeability, for the practice to be successful, to obtain fast loans . Here are our tips.

The choice of the financial company

financial money

Not all financial companies have the same time frame for evaluating and providing the file. When requesting funding it is very important to inquire about the timing by asking for precise information.

The request for funding


It is also important to quickly provide all the documentation that the provider requires in order to present a quote.
In general, the documents are: the last pay slip, the cud model or model 730 for the self-employed, and the personal identification documents. In case of approval, additional documents will be requested (such as salary certificates, service certificates …)
The information to be provided to the financial companyIn order not to waste time with checks and investigations and obtain the loan immediately , it is always good to declare your real credit status to the financial company in order to get the best advice on which is the best way to obtain rapid financing.
In the event that an applicant has been entered in the bad paying or protested registers, he will in no case be able to obtain a personal loan. Precisely in this case, a few days could be lost if the institution is not correctly informed (which in any case realizes it due to the mandatory checks in the databases and risk control centers). The right alternative is to proceed directly (in the case of employees) with a fifth assignment transaction or fiduciary loan (only bad payers)

Don’t initiate practices with multiple financials at the same time
The institutes would realize, following the normal checks, of this situation and could immediately block the process (since they do not know the actual state of progress of the practice at the other institutes)
It is possible (indeed a duty) to evaluate several quotes but choose to proceed only with a single institution .